Laundry 101: Understanding the Difference Between Wash and Fold, Dry Cleaning, and Laundered & Pressed


Your choice of laundering method plays a crucial role in the longevity and quality of your clothes’ wear life. To ensure appropriate care, it’s important to learn the difference between wash and fold, dry cleaning and laundered & pressed. Choosing the right service will help you get the most out of your wardrobe!

Wash and Fold

Wash and Fold is the go-to service for basic laundry needs. At North Fort Myers Laundromat, we use hi-tech Speed Queen washers and dryers to thoroughly clean and safely tumble dry your garments. Once cleaned, your items are neatly folded with care. This service is great for your everyday items and is safe for popular fabrics like cotton, polyester, linen, and acrylic. Same-day service is our standard for your convenience! Learn more about our wash-dry-fold service here.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning effectively cleans any garments that could be damaged by conventional washing. This method uses liquid chemical solvents with very little water to target stains and dirt without shrinking or misshaping material. A dry cleaner will first inspect your garment for flaws (stains, missing buttons, tears), perform any necessary pre-spotting, and place your garment into a special machine. The machine will submerge the garment in cleaning solvent. Once clothes are submerged, they are spun in warm air until dry. Clothes are then examined and either ironed, pressed or steamed. “Dry clean only” fabrics include wool, velvet, and silk.

Laundered & Pressed

This service involves washing in commercial washing machines and pressing/ironing while items are damp. The result is a clean, crisp finish. Clothes are then hung up and ready to go. This option works well for dress shirts and blouses.

North Fort Myers Laundromat is proud to provide quality laundering services. For any questions call (239) 995-0260. Check out pricing here.

Happy Laundering!