Self Wash

Want to take care of washing your clothes yourself? Feel free to use our efficient washers and dryers to get your laundry clean quick and easy!


The N. Ft. Myers LaundroMart Wash/Dry/Fold Service is priced per pound for us to do your laundry. Drop off your laundry in the morning and pick up your folded (or hung) laundry later that day. Minimum of 10 lbs. for W/D/F service.


Pickup and Delivery service scheduled for your business convenience- priced to your budget. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Professional Services You Can Count On, Every Time

North Ft. Myers LaundroMart is a new eco-friendly state of the art laundry mat. We are a family owned and operated business. The first benefit to our customers is our machines use less soap. You can use half the soap and get your clothes cleaner than at home.

Besides our Express Lane, we have a variety of other washers available.

  1. 20 pounders for up to 2 loads.
  2. 30 pounders for up to 3 loads.
  3. 40 pounders for up to 4 loads.
  4. 60 pounders for up to 6 loads.
  5. 80 pounders for up to 8 loads.


We have two sized dryers – The 20 lbs. dryers start at $0.25 per 5 minutes and our (4) 75lbs. dryers start at $3.75 for a full drying cycle.

We offer Wash/Dry/Fold and Commercial Services 7 days a week

If you have any questions, please ask our friendly customer service staff and they will answer all your questions.

Our machines accept coin, credit cards, google wallet, and apple pay. We can accept debit cards and EBT card at our service counter. We feature our own Loyalty Cards for free which you can use as well.  We will offer a variety of specials throughout the year and you will need a loyalty card to take advantage of them. So please sign up so you don‘t miss out!