NOrth Fort Myers

The most convenient way to do Laundry and Dry Cleaning

North Fort Myers Laundromat, 5,000+ Sq. Ft. Facility
With NEW Washers & Dryers!


Self Wash

Want to take care of washing your clothes yourself?
Feel free to use our efficient washers and dryers to get your laundry clean quick and easy!
New Machines and always maintained!


The N. Ft. Myers LaundroMart Wash/Dry/Fold Service is priced per pound for us to do your laundry. Drop off your laundry in the morning and pick up your folded (or hung) laundry later that day. Minimum of 10 lbs. for W/D/F service.


Pickup and Delivery service scheduled for your business convenience- priced to your budget. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Our Laundromat in North Fort Myers is equipped with brand new eco-friendly washers and dryers which use less soap and gives faster and cleaner washes.

We offer machines from our standard 1-2 load capacity all the way up to our 80 lb washers that can handle 8 loads at a time. Our new Express Lane features our Horizon washing machines that spin your clothes faster than any machine on the market – so 1/2 the dry time!

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Love my local laundromat. Been coming for almost 3 years and the staff has always been happy and helpful. Most of them know me by name and remember my son. Very much appreciated and respected. Always clean and affordable. thank you North fort myers laundromat!

Sara Weeks

This place is kept cleaned by staff machines/dryer good they do there job this place also has a separate room with a/c soda and chip machine TV lounge for the kids I find this place to be very nice

Priscilla Monjaraz

Nice comfortable place. Staff is very nice and keep the place very clean. Big enough to hold a lot of people and plenty folding stations, carts, wifi and televisions They have out side and inside seating and they even have an air conditioned sitting room with a massage chair

Lisa Shepherd

Very happy with my experience here. My dryer at home was not working and I was dreading going to a laundromat but it was a smooth experience all around. There are different size machines to accommodate different size loads. The prices are clearly shown and each machine accepts credit cards. Laurie was a huge help when my washing machine acted up. She fixed the problem fast and was so patient and kind. I also loved how clean the place was. I will recommend this laundromat to everyone.

Jessica Goodell

Such a great experience! An air conditioned room with games, TV, and kids books! Fair price. The staff is never less than amazing, with an owner typically working too. I have gotten to know the staff and they made a point to get to know me in the last few months! They even have free laundry days and help out the homeless! I will always support Laundromart 🙂

Ashley Mears

I use there wash n fold service, everything comes out clean,pressed ,folded,hung. Never a problem in the 2 yrs we have been using them. They are always busy but they get the job done and they do it well. The staff is always in great humor, even in the hot steamy place. I give them more than 5 stars

Veronica S

Join us for Free Laundry Day

on Saturday, March 26th, June 11th, September 10th and December 3rd!
First come, first served with detergent and dryer sheets included.

How Wash and Fold Works

1. Drop Off

Drop off your items at any time during working hours!

2. Wash

Our friendly staff will start right away sorting and washing your clothes.

3. Folding

After 1,000’s of washing and folding, our staff has rightly won Best folding of SWFL 🙂

4. Pickup

You’ll be notified that your clothes are ready. Fresh clothes will be ready for you to pickup!

Amenities at our laundromat


The N. Ft. Myers LaundroMart lounge consists of a large, 55” flat screen HDTV, new chairs and tables, soda, candy, and snack machines, and clean rest rooms- all in an air conditioned environment!


Our FREE Charging station is available to charge your smartphone or any portable device – if your battery is low and you want to stay in touch, we have you covered!


Have some work you need to get done while you wait for your laundry to finish? Maybe you’re in the middle of a Netflix
binge and you want to get in another episode? Connect to our free wi-fi and pass the time however you’d like!


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