What you Should Look for in Professional Laundry Shop Services

What you Should Look for in Professional Laundry Shop Services

You may feel like you are being bombarded by choices when comes to selecting a commercial laundry service for your business. As such, you may be wondering how to choose the best one. But, as anyone running a hotel, an inn, a café, a restaurant, or any other hospitality business can tell you, there are important services that are non-negotiable, and you need to find a laundry shop that can meet all your expectations. Here are some services that all reputable commercial laundry companies should offer:

1. Washing and Folding

At the minimum, you will need this fundamental service. As a matter of fact, any launderer should include washing, drying, and folding as part of it’s most basic package. Many times, this is all that is needed for simple linens such as napkins and washcloths.

2. Spa Packages

Spas, health clubs, and gyms use towels, robes, and other washable items that can be laundered in bulk for reasonable prices, not unlike hotels.

3. Work Uniform Cleaning

Most of the time, work uniforms from factory and restaurant jobs can be easily washed by their respective employees at home. However, they may become damaged due to repetitive use and need a gentle, professional touch when comes to cleaning.

Not to mention, many vocations are messy by nature, and the uniforms worn by those in these types of jobs are prone to stubborn stains. It’s better to leave the washing to the professionals.

4. Linen and Towel Laundering

If you own an eatery or a place of lodging, you already know that you must find a commercial laundry company that can handle bulk amounts of sheets, towels, and tablecloths. Since these items are used by so many customers over time, it is also pertinent that all linens are disinfected thoroughly each time they are cleansed.

5. Spot Cleaning and Steaming

If you have some materials that cannot be washed with water or detergent, yet are still not appropriate for the solvents used during the dry cleaning process, it is important to note whether your chosen laundry business offers spot cleaning and steaming services. Otherwise, some of your items will be deemed unwashable, and finding another cleaner just for spot cleaning will be terribly inconvenient.

6. Ironing, Pressing, and Wrinkle Elimination

Pressing or ironing are fantastic additional services that you are probably willing to pay some extra money for. This is especially true if you are washing formal uniforms for certain jobs, such as those required for bellhops, servers, chefs, or bartenders.

7. Pickup and Delivery

As a business owner or manager, you are most likely much too busy to pick up your completed laundry. As such, you should look for a laundry service that picks up dirty laundry and delivers it back to you when it’s done.

In conclusion, when you need more than the traditional laundromat to keep up with the washing of linens and uniforms associated with your business, you have to seek a commercial laundry service. However, if it doesn’t include the services you need, it won’t do your company much good. Think about which services are most important to you and be sure you find a laundry shop to meet all your needs.