3 Signs You Found the Best Laundromat in Your Area


Finding the right laundromat for your needs can be a hassle whether you’re a single customer or a large-scale operation. Every client has unique needs that a laundry service must meet.

If you’re a commercial client, you need an operation that can fulfill large orders and complete them promptly.

For private clients, you need a comfortable and clean space to spend a couple of hours. Many laundering operations provide services for private and commercial clients. Others specialize in services for specific clients like hotels or restaurants.

In this article, we’ll offer our top three tips for finding the right one for you.

Laundromat Location

When it comes to real estate, location is key. This principle is also valid for businesses.

As a private client living in an apartment building, one of your key concerns is on-site laundry services. Nowadays, on-site facilities are a luxury. Some apartment buildings offer them for free; others make their residents pay to use on-site machines.

If your building has no laundry services whatsoever, you’ll need to look elsewhere for them.

For large-scale businesses, nearby laundromats mean easier transport to and from the facility. Some companies offer commercial cleaning services but send your work to a separate location to be laundered.

That may prove to be an issue if you have special events scheduled back to back. In this case, outsourced laundry would be a significant problem.

Larger businesses need a laundromat within 20 to 25 miles of their operation. The ideal location for single customers is 5 to 10 miles.

Modern Machinery

A good laundromat should have modern, top-of-the-line machinery. It goes without saying that machinery is the backbone of the business. Outdated machines mean longer washing/drying times.

Older machines don’t wash the clothes properly, and they may prove to be a fire hazard. They are also less energy efficient, so they use excess electricity and water.

In an attempt to save money, the owner may pass these costs off to you by raising their service prices.

Laundromats that service bigger businesses may also use conveyor belts to process laundry. You need to find out if the laundering service you’re interested in using hand labor or machines to move laundry through the system.

You want one that’s equipped with the proper technology and tools to fulfill your orders.

For single-service customers, one that accepts credit/debit cards or Apple Pay at their machines may be very convenient.

Some offer laundry cards users can load with money from a credit/debit card and use every time they visit the location.

Specialty Services and Capacity

Capacity is vital to commercial operations. They should have enough machines to service large loads and heavy-duty linens like curtains and tablecloths.

Specialty laundromats may target specific markets like restaurants or unique services like wash and fold. Usually, companies charge by the pound, and you can drop your laundry off at the location.

A specialty laundromat works well for companies that need uniforms to be cleaned and processed regularly.

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