10 Laundry Quotes to Make You Laugh

Because sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up 🙂

“Having an Empty Laundry basket is the best 5 seconds of the week.”

“When I said “I Do”. I didn’t mean The Laundry”

“Laundry today or naked tomorrow”

“All you need is love and someone to put away the laundry”

“If you need me, I’ll be folding laundry.. for the next year.”

“Just a cat standing in front of her laundry simply asking it to fold itself.”

“The most memorable days end with the dirtiest clothes.”

“Marriage is about the most expensive way for the average man to get laundry done.”

“Life is too short to fold fitted sheets.”

“I wish my bank account filled up as fast as my laundry basket”


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