Why Your Restaurant Needs a Professional Laundry Service


In 2015, laundry services collected more than $7.9 billion in revenue. The phrase, “Time is money,” is more than just a cliche? – it’s a way of life.

Of course, the biggest concern when thinking about hiring a professional laundry service is whether the business you choose is reliable. Thankfully, with the internet around, online reviews make it easy to find reliable laundry services.

The second major concern is whether hiring a commercial laundry service is really that cost effective for a restaurant. Well, if you care about efficiency and productivity, it certainly is.

If you’re still trying to figure out whether you should dip your toe in the laundry service industry, check out this list of ways it can help your business.

1. Save Time

No matter how much, or how little money you make, time is a constant stressor. It can significantly affect a person’s well being, and it can certainly affect your business.

In fact, a study from the Proceeding of the National Academy of Scientists shows that people who invest in time-saving services are generally happier. For those people, convenience is cost-effective, so why wouldn’t it be for your business?

Running your own laundry operation is a huge task that will drain productivity and efficiency levels from your restaurant. There’s no need to take that risk when hiring a commercial laundry service is so simple.

2. Save Resources

Another benefit that most business owners don’t consider is how they’re contributing to a better environment simply by using a laundry service.

These services are built for bulk laundry jobs. They have the equipment and machinery to handle the job without wasting tons of water and other resources. They have to turn a profit.

As a restaurant owner, your smaller machines will use more water and energy to get the job done. Of course, this also saves you a ton of labor and money.

3. Save Compliance Needs

If you choose to buy all your equipment to meet your laundry needs, you will then need to comply with laundry service industry standards – in addition to the regulations you’re already following in your restaurant.

There are regulations at the local, federal, and OSHA levels. That means you’ll have seemingly endless pages of legal language to sift through. If you fail to meet these standards, the cost can be much higher than paying for a commercial laundry service.

Don’t forget the high cost of purchasing the laundry equipment in the first place. Follow that up with a consideration for the space needed to store that equipment. It’s no easy task, unlike outsourcing your laundry needs.

The Best Professional Laundry Service

The best laundry services offer customers high tech, brand new equipment. They should have several methods of payment available. Ideally, they should offer drop off and pick up for seven days of the week.

If you’re looking for a commercial laundry service with these qualities, look no farther than North Fort Myers Laundromart. To see how our services can help your business, give us a call today!

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