When running a business, you want to find the most cost-effective solutions possible for your laundry needs. However, there are aspects of your business where cutting corners are not advisable. One of which is choosing to carry out the job with the wrong laundry equipment. More often than not, cost-cutting is interpreted as choosing a cheaper substitute, but this isn’t always the right option.

When you use residential equipment for your business, you won’t be able to save money because residential washers are not intended for washing large loads. There are good reasons why residential washing machines can’t become a substitute for commercial machines.

Commercial washers are bigger

When it comes to the size, industrial machines are larger than their residential counterparts. The reason businesses prefer to pass off their laundry to a laundromat is that their machines can accommodate bulky or heavy items or large loads. A regular machine can’t accommodate these types of items. The purpose of a laundromat is to provide you with a service that your regular machine can’t handle.

Commercial washers have additional features

Commercial machines have more features than regular machines. Environmentally conscious, and efficient laundry services have technologically advanced machinery that controls water and detergent usage. They are constantly monitored for excessive power usage, which can add to your cost if left unchecked.

Commercial washers provide warranty

Although you get a warranty for most equipment, using residential washers for commercial purposes will void the warranty. If your residential machine breaks down (which is more likely if you are using it for commercial means,) you will need to pay the repair technician as the warranty no longer covers it. At some point, savings by using a residential machine can turn into a loss when things constantly get broken and need to be repaired or replaced. With a commercial washing service, you won’t have any of these concerns. You will also save if the washing result is unsatisfactory, since results are often guaranteed.

Commercial washers are efficient

Want to get laundry done fast and effortlessly? Washers at laundromats are capable of accommodating large loads. If you’re going to use a regular washer, it might not be capable of washing bulky items or large loads efficiently because of its small capacity. You also won’t have the advantage of multiple machines. A commercial laundry service can get the job done fast since they have multiple large machines. They can even pick up laundry from your location – making the process even more efficient.

Commercial washers are durable

Commercial washers are equipped with features designed to handle loads of laundry continuously. Since many laundromats are open long hours, the machine will be used every day, all day. Can a residential washer handle this? Probably not. A machine designed to handle 300 loads is the ideal type of washer to consider. These loads can be processed in a week.

Regular washers can’t withstand continuous wear and tear when you open or close it frequently. You need a machine that you can use every day. The equipment that’s capable of handling a large volume of laundry is the perfect option for your laundromat.

If you want to do commercial laundry as efficiently as possible, avoid skimping. Your business will be on its feet if you either invest in the right equipment or hire a service that does, while you can fulfill your promises to customers.

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