Laundry Stain Removal Tips And Hacks With Products You Have In The Kitchen

It’s happened to all of us. We pick up the kids’ dirty laundry only to find days old stains. We begin to launder our spouse’s tie but find tomato sauce stains that weren’t in the original pattern. We know that if we launder these, the stains will set. We’ll then have to buy new clothes. […]

Don’t Let Stains Get In The Way: Remove Common Summertime Stains

Summer is a perfect time to bask in the sun. This is also the time of year where removing stains becomes even more challenging. Since school is out, you can expect kids to be more active. This means you should get ready for more stubborn summertime stains. Here are the 6 worst stains you encounter […]

6 Stain Removal Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

Employing removal techniques to deal with stubborn stains often does more harm than good, especially if those techniques have not been proven to be effective. Some of these techniques are as old as time. Find out what these stain removal mistakes are. 1. Too much use of stain remover Many individuals turn to stain remover […]

Does Your Bedsheet Need A Trip To The Laundromat?

Does it take months for your bedsheet to get the care it deserves? Your sheets can become breeding ground for dust mites, and as much as you want to curl up in bed and relax, these unwanted guests will deprive you of a good night’s sleep. Aside from dust mites, your body also produces oil […]

Tackling Life’s Toughest Stains

Stains are the scourge of laundry day, often turning a routine task into a frustrating chore. In some cases, stains can even ruin valuable clothing and other items. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to ensure that any stains on your items remain a temporary inconvenience rather than a permanent blemish. The appropriate treatment […]