Should You Wash New Clothes Before You Wear Them


There is something so satisfying about buying new clothes. It is important to remember that you need to wash new clothes before wearing them. You may not be following this best practice, but there are good reasons you should make it a habit to wash new clothes.

Removes extra dye

You might be fascinated by the bright colors and crisp lines of new clothes, but by not washing them, the extra dye can be transferred to your skin. Fabrics are often made of polyester or acrylic fibers. These are known as synthetic fibers and they are usually colored with dyes known as azo-aniline. If these dyes come in contact with your skin, you may experience allergic reactions. The allergy can be severe and the rash you will get is similar to poison ivy. Even if you have less severe allergic reactions, you will still have dry and itchy patches on your skin.

Gets rid of bacteria, viruses, and lice

Clothes are tried on by different individuals. You might not be aware of it but dressing rooms can be the best place for viruses and bacteria to thrive. You cannot see them with the naked eye but if you take the risk of wearing new clothes without washing them, the viruses, scabies, lice, or fungus might transfer to you. Also, it is unhygienic to wear clothes that other people have already tried on. To be safe, wash clothes before you attempt wearing them.

Eliminates chemical finishes

Clothes may also contain chemicals that manufacturers usually apply on clothes as color or texture enhancement. While most of these finishes are not harmful to your skin, it is still essential to wash your clothes, especially if you have sensitive skin as you might develop a rash. The reason many manufacturers use chemicals is to protect clothes from developing mildew, especially when shipped in long distances. Containers are hot and humid. The sharp odor can remain in the fabric until you decide to wash it.

For children’s clothing, be sure to wash them because children, particularly babies, have sensitive skin. Skin rashes will develop if the clothes they wear have chemicals. When washing clothes, use a fragrance-free detergent. Even detergents have dyes that can be harmful to babies. Always go for the unscented detergent to prevent skin reactions. When you wash new clothes, your children will also feel comfortable to wear them because they are softer.

For bath towels and bed linens, it is also vital to remove chemicals. When washing them, you have to read the care label to avoid damaging the fabric. New clothes have excess dyes that can be removed by washing them. If in case the color remains, you need to wash the clothes separately or include them with clothes that have the same colors. You need to wash clothes with excess dyes repeatedly to completely remove them.

Washing secondhand or used clothing

For clothes that you bought from thrift stores, you should always have them washed or dry-cleaned. It prevents skin irritation and the practice is hygienic. For clothes with excess odors, you may consider soaking them overnight in a bucket with 1 cup of baking soda and lukewarm water. You can also get rid of the fabric conditioner residue by adding one cup of distilled white vinegar.

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