A Recipe for Cleaning Chef Uniforms


Whether you own a restaurant or work as a chef yourself, you probably understand just how difficult it is to keep chef uniforms clean. Everything from oils to sauces to even blood can suddenly appear splattered on a chef’s coat, pants or apron over the course of a shift, and the stains can seem nearly impossible to remove once they’ve set in – and that’s only half of the problem. The many strong aromatic herbs and various other scents familiar to the kitchen also seep into chef uniforms, making for a rather pungent smell that gets trapped in the fabric and doesn’t want to come out easily. Fortunately, you can keep your uniforms clean fresh and clean by following the simple tips below.

Time Is the Enemy

Whether you’ve got blood on your shirt from preparing a cut of meat or you’ve been splashed with oil from a frying pan, the key to preventing stains and locked-in smells is to act quickly. The longer you wait to treat your clothing, the more the stains and smells will work their way into the fabric. While it may not be possible to stop what you’re doing and attend to your clothing immediately, it’s a good idea to check your uniform for stains after every shift. Pretreat stains with a quality enzyme-based stain remover, and leave the clothing to soak overnight before washing.

Use the Right Ingredients

You wouldn’t try to make a dish with the wrong ingredients, so why would you treat your laundry with the wrong supplies? Different stains require different treatments, and it’s important to know the difference. Most substances your chef uniform will encounter in the kitchen can best be treated with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner such as OxiClean, but chlorine-based bleach and white vinegar are valuable tools as well. You should also be aware of the temperature at which you soak and wash your clothing. Some stains, such as butter, grease, and dairy products, respond best to very hot water. Others, such as blood, wine, and tomato products, will only set in faster in hot water and must be rinsed and washed using cold water. If possible, try to identify any stains on your uniforms and check on the best way to treat them.

Rely on the Professionals

If you own or work in a restaurant, patrons order meals from you because they trust professional chefs to deliver outstanding results. Why should laundry be any different? If your chef uniforms are a challenge to clean, let a professional laundry service handle the hard work for you. Commercial laundry services have the equipment and know-how to deliver great results, relieving you of the stress that comes with battling the minefield of scents and stains in the kitchen. Contact us for peace of mind in knowing that your clothing is in good hands.

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