Peek-a-boo, I See Right Through You: Washing Delicates Without Causing Damage


When it is okay to machine-wash lingerie with labels that say hand wash or dry clean only?

Ever ask yourself why do I need to air-dry my unmentionables and lay my sweaters flat?

Why do I need to keep them separate from my jeans and towels? Do I really need to spend extra on washing them in their own load?

Washing delicate garments separate is important to prevent damage, properly clean and preserve their appearance and feel.

You can machine wash most hand-wash only garments in the gentle cycle and air-dry, but throwing them in with the regular wash? Here is how and why to take care of your delicates without shortchanging your time.

Wash All Garments Inside Out

Pilling is what happens when two garments rub together, causing those little balls on your socks and shirts.

Wash everything inside out to minimize this unsightly damage and to prevent damage to embellishments that you do not want to remove before washing.

Wash Lingerie and Delicates Separately

Overcrowding loads to save money can cause damage because lingerie and delicates need to move freely through the water without being shoved and twisted among heavier, crowded loads.

This allows water to press through the fabrics and fibers without vigorous rubbing and wrenching that can wear holes and tears into your see-through nighties.

Separate Bras, Panties, Swimwear, and Nylons Into Vented, Zippered Laundry Bags

All bras, lacy underwear and nylons need their own separate mesh-type zippered laundry bags to keep them from causing or sustaining damage during the wash cycle. Keep stockings and knee-highs in their own bag to prevent runs and snags.

Using a fine weave, mesh laundry bag can prevent underwires from bending, breaking and coming loose where they can damage other items in the load.

Detergents and Specialty Delicate Washes

Cotton and synthetics are fine washed in regular laundry detergents, but specialty washes are recommended for fabrics like silk and lace.

Avoid bleaching, but use alternatives like Chlorox 2, Oxy-clean or Wisk for stubborn stains and discoloration from perspiration.

Baby shampoo is a recommended alternative to specialty washes, but some noteworthy brands include SOAK Wash, Le Blanc Silk & Lingerie Wash, Forever New, and Tocca Laundry Delicate.

Use the Facility’s Laundry Sinks

Our facility has convenient laundry sinks available if you prefer hand-washing, which is ideal to do while your other loads are going. Bring hangers to let them air dry on our rolling carts.

If pressed for time, leave the laundered items in their bags, and use the lowest heat setting on the dryer for a minimal amount of time.

What is most important to remember about washing delicates is to give them space so water can move freely through them; to keep them safe from touching other items, and to avoid excessive or high heat. Whichever method you choose at your North Fort Myers laundromat, you can wash and wear your lingerie with the comfortable feel you love and pretty appearance for a long time.

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