Signs When You Are Not Washing Your Clothes Well Enough

Signs When You Are Not Washing Your Clothes Well Enough

Your clothes will reveal signs that you’re not doing the laundry enough times. The first and most serious sign is that of odor that protrudes from dirty, bacteria-covered clothing, and the second signs are the permanent stains found on the fabrics. There are a few ways to tell if you need a new plan for washing your clothes.

How Can You Tell If You Are Not Washing Your Clothes Enough


The most apparent sign is clothing that is smelled from several feet away. You may sniff your clothes up close and detect a rancid smell, especially in a tight, confined space like a car with the windows rolled up.

The solution is not to pile on more perfume or cologne and hope that the smell goes away. If the odor is particularly strong, you’re advised to use a scented fabric softener or detergent.


You may notice a vivid stain that appeared a few weeks ago but has not disappeared. After a few washings, every stain tends to appear faded, but if it’s still easy to point out from a distance, you haven’t been washing the clothes properly.

To remove a stain for good, use an appropriate stain removal formula for the type of stain. Immediately after washing, check the stain and rewash it if it remains.

Skin conditions

Some people develop acne or rashes when their clothes are filthy. This occurs when excessive oils and bacteria are allowed to build up in the fabric and rub onto the skin. You may find that you’ll need to wash your skin more frequently, as well.

Clothing pileup

Most people know when they see an obscene clothing pileup in their rooms. Even if you have a lot of clothing to spare, it’s never hygienic or tidy to allow the dirty clothes to accumulate in mounds. This pileup also increases the chance that you’ll start hoarding and let other personal items pile up for weeks or months.

Lack of scheduling

If you lack a laundry schedule, you’re not washing your clothes enough times. Most people have designated times and days when they do their laundry. They may keep this schedule in a mental calendar or write this reminder on paper.

Prepare for your next clean

Many people worry about not being thoroughly clean, so it’s normal to worry about not washing your clothes properly. Dirty garments will quickly pile up and increase the stench of any tight space. Fortunately, there are easy signs to tell when it’s time to wash more thoroughly or frequently. Take care of your laundry needs anytime you visit the N. Ft. Myers Laundromat in Florida. Visit our website for more information and email or call us at (239) 995-0260.