A Guide to Doing Laundry and Finding the Best Local Laundromat Near You

A Guide to Doing Laundry and Finding the Best Local Laundromat Near You

If you don’t own a washer or dryer or are someone who happens to do a lot of traveling, then you know how convenient a laundromat can be. All you need is the right amount of change, detergent, and a little time. However, while doing your laundry at a laundromat can be a convenient option, there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Let’s take a moment to discuss a few tips for doing your laundry. We’ll also identify what you should be on the lookout for when choosing a laundromat near you.

Prepping Your Laundry

1. Separate your Clothes

If you want to preserve the integrity of your clothes, then it’s a good idea to separate them before getting started. Darker clothes tend to bleed as they wash, and this can affect the lighter items. Specifically, they can make them appear dull and worn.

It would be best if you also considered things like the materials of the garments, whether or not they should be washed by hand, and which cycles the clothing labels suggest. Separating your clothes before you get to the laundromat can cut down on the amount of time you need to spend there.

2. Pretreat the Stains

While washing machines can do a great job of getting out deep-down dirt, some stains can be difficult to remove. This includes things like blood, wine, grease, and grass. The good news is that by treating these stains before putting them in the washer, they’ll be more likely to come out.

So research your stain to find out which chemicals and solutions can help. Sometimes it can be as simple as dabbing a little baking soda, cornstarch, or vinegar on the garment.

3. Empty Your Pockets

When prepping your clothes, it’s important that you remove all items from your pockets before putting them into the machine. Not only can you find loose change and important documents, but also things like pens, markers, and crayons. By removing these items, you can ensure that they don’t ruin your clothes.

4. Turn the Clothes Inside Out

Do any of your garments have special designs, detailing, or ornaments? If so, it’s a good idea to turn these items inside out before washing them. This way, they’ll be less likely to fade or wear off as they rub against other items in the machine.

Washing Your Laundry

1. Choose the Right Detergent

It’s easy to assume that any laundry detergent will work well. However, many people don’t realize that certain detergents are designed for tougher jobs than others. So if you’re dealing with heavily soiled clothes, choose one that has a lot of power.

It would be best if you also considered how you respond to types of soap. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, use a detergent that’s formulated specifically for you. If perfumed detergents cause you headaches or are unpleasant, then choose something unscented.

2. Choose the Right Temperature

This is another instance in which it’s important to read the label. Certain items respond best to lower temperatures, while others respond better to higher temperatures. This is especially the case when it comes to materials like linen, wool, and cotton. They tend to shrink if they are washed in hot water. The same is true for silk and lace.

Drying Your Laundry

1. Shake the Clothes Out

If you want to reduce the number of wrinkles once the clothes have dried, you should shake out your clothes immediately after removing them from the washer.

2. Don’t Overload

If you want to save a few dollars, you may think that your best option is to load as many items into the dryer as possible. However, what many people don’t realize is that not only could this cost you more money but also time.

When clothes are crammed into the dryer, this leaves very little room for ventilation. Ultimately, it will take longer for them to dry. And you may spend a bit more. So cut your load into halves or thirds so that you don’t have to waste your valuable resources.

3. Remove Clothes Quickly

Another step that will ensure that your clothes have few wrinkles is removing them from the dryer as soon as possible. The longer your items sit, the more set the wrinkles become. As soon as the machine turns off, shake the items out and then hang or fold them.

How to Choose the Best Laundromat Location

1. Convenient Location

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a laundromat is the location. This is especially the case if you plan to make several trips. The best laundromats can be reached within a short amount of time and are easy to get to.

2. Clean

It would help if you kept an eye out for a clean location. Sure, there may be a laundromat that’s within walking distance from you. However, if the establishment is not clean, it can say a lot about the maintenance of the machines and how helpful the staff will be.

3. Customer Service

One of the best parts about using a laundromat is that it’s largely self-service. Unlike a dry cleaner, you don’t have to interact with anyone to get clean laundry. However, that doesn’t mean that the establishment should be completely free of customer service.

Ideally, there should be someone on staff who can answer any questions you have about the machines. This is especially true if the change machine isn’t working, the dryer doors won’t open, or a machine is out of order.

4. Safe

Another benefit of having someone on staff is that they can make you feel safe. Most laundromats are open 24 hours a day. While this may be beneficial to some, it can sometimes pose a security threat if you’re doing your laundry late at night. So make sure that you choose a location that seems well-monitored and secure.

5. Affordable

It’s also important to choose an affordable laundromat. Certain locations may charge more for their services. Sometimes the higher price can be worth it if their machines are extremely efficient. But make sure that you shop around before settling on a particular location. Try to get the most value for your buck.


If you don’t have access to your own washer or dryer, then laundromats can be convenient. The key is to find a location that best suits your needs and use your time there efficiently.