Keeping Those Magic Carpets Clean


Roll out your runners at our Laundromart! Parade your throw rugs, pillows and seat cushions for their quarterly sprucing.

Teachers and daycare centers, launder sit-upons and group mats for some serious pre-planning sanitizing and deodorizing.

You may as well bring your machine washable curtains and table linens too for a simple way to clean and freshen every room in your house.

Here is a guide to cleaning your machine washable, small area and throw rugs and curtains this month.

Small Throw Rugs and Casual Carpet Runners

When machine-washing rugs, only put them with rugs or backpacks and not your towels, linens and drapery.

Think about it. They have been walked and wiped on by shoes and pets. They may have absorbed all kinds of fluids and spills. Rugs are magnets for hair and dust.

You would not want that to end up in your bath or kitchen towels and linens. Here are some tips for preparing your rugs for the washing machine.

  • Shake thoroughly outside to remove sand and dirt.
  • Check carefully for sand spurs!
  • Cotton floor runners, throw rugs and bath mats wash and dry like towels, but 100 percent cotton may shrink in high heat. Tumble dry low, or air dry.
  • Mats with non-skid backing are not recommended for machine dryers. Air-dry on clothesline or indoors from a shower rod.
  • Wash and rinse in cold water to minimize fading but hot water to kill dust mites, bacteria and mildew.
  • Fabric softener or vinegar in the rinse cycle freshens nicely as they hang to dry in your home.

Curtains, Drapes and Dust Ruffles

Most casual drapery can be washed together with bedskirts and dust ruffles. Follow label guidelines, or wash and rinse in cold water to avoid fading.

Check around the house for sheers, panels, valances and tie backs including shower curtains.

They will freshen your home nicely if you use scented detergent or softener and hang to dry. Finger iron to remove wrinkling and set hemlines.

Table Runners and Linens

Wash separate from other household items for sanitary reasons. Follow label instructions for best results. promptly remove from dryer to avoid setting wrinkles.

Delicates like crocheted doilies and appliqued styles should be hand-washed or placed into zippered lingerie bags washed in the gentle cycle. Dry flat after gently smoothing and reshaping with fingertips.

Pillows and Cushions

Check tags to make sure yours are not dry clean only! Every three to six months, use a front-loading washer set to gentlest cycle.

Hot water with a liquid detergent works best to remove bacteria, mold and mildew.

Do not overcrowd. Rinse twice to remove detergent residue. Air dry foam pillows to prevent melting.

Wash pet beds separately!

Save time and your washing machine when you use our heavy duty models to get rugs and pillows clean, fresh and bright again.

If you are visiting North Fort Myers in your RV or camper, drop off your pillows, cushions and blankets at the Laundromart in the morning for same-day service so you can enjoy your day on the town.

If you have any dry-clean only items, contact us to find out more about bring those along too.

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