If You Are Following These Practices, You Are Guilty Of Damaging Your Clothes


When doing laundry, you might have some habits that you never thought to cause harm to your clothes. While your primary purpose is to keep your clothes disinfected and clean, there are times when you’re following practices that can damage the fabric. Here are common laundry mistakes you might be guilty of doing all this time:

1. Not using the machines properly

For self-service laundry, it’s easy to miss out on reading important instructions like using the machines correctly. As a result, you end up damaging your clothes either because you’re not following the recommended temperature or you’re not using the right detergent for delicate clothing.

Unlike commercial washing machines that are more sophisticated and bigger, washing your clothes at home may not give you desirable results because of not following washing recommendations or instructions. Aside from the detergent and the temperature, you’ll also have to know the amount of water you need.

2. Not applying a stain treatment

Before you wash your clothes, make sure that they undergo stain treatment to remove stains successfully. It’s possible that there are still stains on your clothes if it doesn’t undergo a thorough cleaning. Ensure that stains are completely removed before drying. When you let the stain dry, it will be difficult to remove. You can set the stain permanently on your clothes if you dry fabric with stains.

3. Incorrect drying method

Another way that you can damage the fabric of your clothes is when you employ the wrong drying technique. If you want to dry your clothes fast, consider running back to back dryer loads. It lets you take advantage of the heat produced from the several loads. It’s important that you follow instructions before you pick a temperature for drying. Using a higher than needed temperature can be damaging. Also, the number of clothes you put in the dryer differs from the load you put in the washer.

4. Too much bleach

Another way that you can damage your clothes is when you use too much bleach. Even if there are color-safe bleaches, they still need to be avoided as much as possible. Bleaching is only recommended for stubborn stains. Even stains like sweat and blood don’t need bleaching except when the stains have already dried for several days. Commercial laundry services avoid using bleach unless you instruct them to. Bleach can deteriorate the quality of the fabric, especially when it’s done too often.

5. Washing dry-clean-only clothes

Another mistake when doing laundry is not paying too much attention to the labels. Some clothes should not be soaked in water. While the tags can be a bit misleading, it’s still essential to read them carefully. There are dry-clean clothes that should not be hand-washed. Be sure to check the washing instructions or have the commercial laundry services do it for you to avoid damaging the fabric.

6. Using hot water when washing

If you intend to sanitize clothing, avoid the temptation of using hot water because it can deteriorate the fabric. High temperatures can do serious damage to your clothes when used frequently. Take good care of your clothes by using water temperatures appropriate for the color and type of clothes in the load. The highest temperatures are typically only used for white only loads.

The care label is important because it states that the cleaning method you should follow. Take time to read it as well to prevent damaging your clothing.

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