How To Make Curtain Cleaning Less Stressful


Curtains contribute to the overall appeal of your home and shield you from the harmful rays of the sun. It also maintains the level of privacy you need in your home. However, when you open your windows, your curtains can become a dirt magnet. While curtains are affordable, regular cleaning is still the best practice to follow to make sure that they look good and don’t let off a cloud of dust when touched. When doing a routine house cleaning, you should not ignore your curtains. Curtain cleaning might be unappealing for most, but there are techniques you can employ that will keep your curtains dirt free and dust free, and which are worth the effort.

Curtain Cleaning Techniques That Can Save You Time And Energy

Weekly curtain care works best for heavier weight curtains. You can use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust. For lightweight curtains, remove dust by merely shaking them. You will also have to pay extra attention to areas susceptible to dirt and dust accumulation. More often than not, the top of your curtain gathers more dust than other areas.

Machine Washing

Another way that you can ensure you remove stubborn dirt and stains is by machine washing curtains. To do this, you need to remove the hardware. Check the care label so you will know the correct way of washing your curtains. You might want to try spot testing using a small amount of laundry detergent and water. Most washable curtains use cold water. If they have delicate details or are made from sheer fabric, hand washing your curtains is a safer option.

Line Drying Curtains

When placing curtains on a clothes dryer, take note of the recommended setting on the care label. Most manufacturers recommend using a low setting for washable curtains and removing them when they are about 95% dry to prevent wrinkles. Iron your curtains before rehanging them for a more presentable look.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners may be able to accommodate curtains, but you should be aware that not all curtains can withstand steam treatment, You can get better results if you are going to use a washing machine instead. However, if you want to give steam cleaning a try, be sure that you have machine washable curtains as they are the only ones are suitable for the process.

Dry Cleaning

Some curtains require dry cleaning because the fabrics might be so delicate they fade or bleed when not properly washed. Fabrics also tend to pill or shrink. Dry clean only curtains can be hand washed using a mild detergent. If you want to consider machine washing dry clean only curtains, you can also use a gentle cycle to prevent damaging the fabric. Do not combine curtains with anything else and hang them to dry.

Curtains make your home more inviting and relaxing. While curtain cleaning can be a difficult chore, your hard work pays off when you see your curtains clean and presentable. If you are unsure you are washing your curtains properly, you may take them to your local laundering professionals for best results.

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