How Often Should You Wash Your Clothes

Woman holding a huge pile of clothes

Have you ever wondered how often you should be washing clothes? While it is common knowledge to wash your clothes once it gets dirty, washing can be the last thing on your mind. There is no definite factor that will determine the perfect time to do laundry. Some wait for a couple of days to take a dirty pile of clothes to laundry facilities while others wash them right away. There is danger associated with leaving your dirty clothes unwashed for too long. Dirty clothes carry bacteria and germs which can make your room smelly. Bacteria can also cause mold growth especially if you just leave your wet towel lying around. In determining how often you should wash your clothes, it all depends on your item of clothing:


Those pair of jeans are a closet mainstay. They go well with just any outfit. You can either dress them up or down. They come in playful colors, but many still adore the traditional blues. Washing your jeans can be such a pain especially if the colors fade after wash. You can avoid this by washing your jeans after wearing them 6 to 7 times. So if you wear the same pair for 6 or 7 consecutive days, this means you have to wash it once a week. Avoid damaging your favorite pair by soaking them beforehand. When putting them in the washing machine, they need to be turned inside out and always set the machine to gentle wash.

Gym wear

When it comes to washing your gym clothes. It will depend on how long you wear them and how much you have been sweating. You will need to invest in at least 3 outfits if you hit the gym regularly. For most who are concerned about their hygiene, it is ideal to wash your gym clothes after each wear.

Sleepwear and pajamas

Although you may not be sweating or moving a lot in your pajamas, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to wash them as often as other items of clothing. Wash them after every 3 to 4 wears just like your sweaters and bras.

Coats and jackets

You don’t need much washing if you have a leather jacket. The same theory applies to thicker winter jackets and raincoats. Wash these clothing items once or twice per season. Coats are typically worn over layers of clothes so the chances of them smelling bad are slim.

T-shirts and sweaters

Wait after 5 to 7 wears before washing your sweaters or cardigans unless you spill coffee or wine on them. Sweaters, like coats and jackets, are worn over a shirt. They don’t require frequent washing unless they start to smell bad. For t-shirts, you need to wash them after 1 to 2 wears because this is the type of clothing that has direct contact with your upper body. During summer, you may not be comfortable wearing the same shirt a second time because of the unpleasant smell that your sweat has left behind.


After one wear, you should immediately wash your underwear except for bras which you can wash after 3 to 4 wears. It is unhygienic to wear the same pair of socks, boxers or any type of underwear twice. You don’t have to do laundry every day. As long as you have enough underwear to wear for a few days, you can toss your underwear in your laundry basket and wash them with other items of clothing on weekends.

Don’t stress yourself thinking how often you should wash your clothes. Knowing this basic guide will help you to keep them in good condition. You can also lessen the chances of fading and premature wear by taking your clothes to a professional laundry service.