Here’s Why Customers Love Laundry Pickup and Delivery


One of the most common domestic tasks travelers complain about when traveling is trying to take care of their laundry needs. For people who are out of town for business, they are probably traveling with their best clothing that needs the most careful attention. In the absence of a good wash and fold service, some travelers are forced to hand wash their clothes in the sink.

This is a less than ideal situation for travelers and hotel owners alike. Travelers who need laundry services will enjoy their stay less and likely leave a mess from where they were forced to hang their wet clothing.

A wash and fold service offers a lot of other positive benefits that your customers will enjoy. Here are 4 things that will leave your customers even happier about their stay at your hotel.

1. Use The Best Detergents

Wash and fold services don’t cut corners when shopping for detergents, cleaners, and fabric softeners for their clients. It’s their business to have the best quality laundry soaps for the kind of high-quality garments they’ll be dealing with.

For customers with allergy issues, they’ll have hypo-allergenic and allergen-free options. For delicate garments, they will use soaps appropriate for the fabric type.

2. No Need To Sort

There’s no need to worry about sorting through laundry when sending cleaning to a washing and folding service. Your guests can rest assured that their clothing will be given the kind of respect that it would receive at home.

Whites will be given treatments to maintain their brightness. Colors will be washed carefully to maintain their boldness and tone. Anything that’s meant to be dry cleaned or hand washed will be treated carefully.

3. Nothing Gets Shrunk

A surprise that no one likes to find when they get their clothing back from a cleaning facility is to find their favorite sweaters or jeans shrunk. Wash and fold facilities take the time to make sure every article is washed appropriately.

Anything that could shrink is treated separately to preserve the material that it’s made from.

4. Everything Folded Perfectly

Best of all, everything you get back from your wash and folding service will be folded perfectly. Creases in pants and khakis will be maintained while t-shirts and button-ups will be able to be put on without having to have tons of wrinkles steamed out.

Folding and sorting laundry is the most tedious task after a long day of laundering clothes. A laundry service can take that off of the minds of the guests at your hotel so they can get to the business of relaxing.

A Wash And Fold Service Is Both Practical and Luxurious

You like to give your guests only top-notch service. Having laundry taken care of for them while they’re out at meetings or taking a walk on the beach will make sure their experience goes above and beyond top-notch.

If you’re ready to start offering laundry services to your clients, check out our article on finding a five-star service today.

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