Goodbye, D-I-Y Workplace Laundry; Hello, Curb Service


Calling all chefscoaches and child care workers: why are you doing your own laundry when we could be doing it for you? Are your in-house washer and dryer about as worn out as you? Imagine having your staff’s uniforms picked up, laundered and returned to you usually within a day. Uniforms, towels, table linens… are you working overtime or hauling it home only to spend hours doing laundry off the clock? Surely you have other tasks more urgent to tend than laundry. Before you spend another hour doing it yourself, give North Fort Myers Laundromart a call to see how convenient and cost effective our commercial laundry services are.


Drop Off and Pick Up Your Laundry, or Better Yet, Let Us Pick Up and Deliver

Schedule convenient commercial pickup and delivery service for us to come to you so that you can focus on taking care of your customers and growing your business, or set up a convenient schedule to drop off and pick up.


How It Works and Reward Perks, Too

With seven days a week convenience, we offer wash, dry and hang up or fold services. Priced per pound with a ten-pound minimum, we will have your laundry items clean and fresh usually the same day. Ask about our customer loyalty program! Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Commercial Washing Pickup and Delivery service

Reduce Liability

Sheets, scrubs, drapes and aprons soiled by blood and other bio-hazard substances require special handling by trained and experienced staff. Improper laundering can lead to liabilities from improper handling by an untrained or inattentive laundry staff.

Tax Advantages

The allowable amounts would offset costs of switching to laundry service from North Fort Myers Laundromart. Expenses paid for laundry services can be tax deductible provided they are necessary and related to work only, not something you would wear or use at home or otherwise not related to work or your business. Check with your accountant or tax advisor for specifics regarding tracking this expense and what is or is not allowable. Laundry services for baseball uniforms, for example, would not be allowable unless the team is professional. Examples of allowable expenses would be:

  • staff uniforms that have company logo or are unique to your brand, such as specific colors
  • protective clothing like aprons, gloves, socks, caps
  • restaurant tablecloths, napkins and kitchen linens
  • scrubs for medical or dental practices
  • sheets, pillows, pillowcases and towels from hotels, hospitals, emergency and urgent care facilities, daycare centers

You could keep spinning your heels like clothes turning in a front-load washer window, or you could let us spin your laundry for you so you can manage other tasks. Call us today for business budget-friendly pricing for all of your workplace laundry services: Say a good bye-bye to doing it yourself and hello to convenient laundry service for your North Fort Myers area businesses.


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