Watching Your Weight While Doing Laundry: Five Accessories Under $50 That Make Trips to the Coin Laundry Easier, Safer and More Fun


Making multiple trips between the house, the car and the coin laundry to carry clothes and supplies inside and then return them home can wear you out if you let it. We pile our clothes into baskets, boxes or lawn and leaf-sized trash bags to drag through the doors, hoping that one of the courtesy rolling carts will be available to make it easier, but they never can hold everything and are not designed for door to curb service across parking lots, right? Thinking like FISH, let’s make it more fun to ferry our heavy, overloaded laundry cache and fight fatigue with fitness. Acquiring the best accessories for the tasks can make them easier, save us time and still keep our coin laundry fitness routine in sync with our goals.

1. Get a Lightweight, Portable Dolly

Face it–we all overload our arms and containers to save trips, putting unnecessary stress on our spines, legs, and shoulders and for what? Our bodies already are tired after working all day or perhaps weary from fighting flu. An inexpensive, durable, lightweight hand truck that can carry up to 110 pounds would make a big difference, right? Amazon has one with a telescoping handle for under $30 plus shipping and others under $50 with wider bases if you have the room to spare.

2. Opt For a Dolly With Storage

When you need to do smaller loads or perhaps you walk from your home to your coin laundry, a portable dolly with detachable storage bag offers flexible options. Remove the bag to stack multiple baskets on regular trips, or leave in place to carry small loads discreetly so you can stop at the grocery or take-out on the way home. Dolley Trolley makes one with cushioned handles in bright colors available at many retailers for around $40.

3. Replace Worn Out Baskets With Wheeled Hampers

A genius idea for we who use multiple laundry baskets is to replace them with wheeled hampers for about the same price. Multiple treks will be easier when you have however many will fit inside your car. Line them up at home so the family can sort clothes as they deposit them. Take care not to overload beyond what you can lift. Find a ventilated model with rave reviews at The Container Store.

4. Download Free Fitness Workout Apps

The Wherever Workout and Office Stretches are budget-friendly, free apps that supply quick mini-workouts you could do during wash or drying cycles when space allows.

5. Swap Movies and Games for Guided Meditation

Not the flailing in public type? Hop onto our free wifi, and transform our laundry lounge into your private retreat. Soak up some guided meditation to calm the chaos within, and reduce harmful stress.

Now, you can laugh at rainy days, tuck your detergent atop your new dolly, and have a wheely good time doing your laundry at North Fort Myers Laundromat.

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