Homemaker Tips: Comforter Washing Done Right

Homemaker Tips: Comforter Washing Done Right

The idea of washing down comforters can make a person’s heart palpitate. Getting these comforters clean seems intimidating. People don’t know where to start. The good thing is you’re here, and you’ll learn how to get this done.

Why are Down Comforters Intimidating?

The reason down comforters are scary is because they’re voluminous. The typical washing machine is small compared to a large bedding item. It doesn’t seem like it’ll fit in your machine.

If that wasn’t enough, down comforters are filled with delicate materials you want to conserve. Down comforters are also expensive. The risk of damaging them makes people nervous.

The good thing is you don’t need to wash these comforters often. You can wash yours once every three to five years, depending on how soiled it is and if you used a duvet cover.

Keep in mind that pure wool comforters cannot be placed inside a washing machine. These should be spot cleaned, and it’s better handled by professional cleaners. You can always ask for advice about your specific needs from someone with experience, such as the folks at N. Ft. Myers LaundroMart.

A Word On Covers

Before moving on, it’s important to talk about duvet covers. When you invest in a down comforter, it’s only fitting to also purchase a duvet cover to protect your comforter.

You know you don’t need to wash the comforter for a few years, so protecting it makes sense. A duvet cover can be washed like you’d wash any other bedding in your washer because it’s much thinner and manageable.

Dry-Cleaning Warning

While some cleaners don’t use harsh dry-cleaning chemicals, most do. This fact is you shouldn’t use dry cleaning services to clean a down comforter. Those chemicals can ruin the comforter.

Again, spot cleaning is pretty much the safest option, though it is one of the most labor intense cleaning options. The good thing is you don’t have to take care of this on your own. You can work with laundry specialists who’ll make your comforter look as good as you’d expect.

What’s Needed to Clean a Comforter?

You’ll need the following:

  • Regular laundry detergent, no powdered detergents
  • A spot remover
  • A large washer and dryer
  • Rags if you’re spot cleaning

How Long Does It Take to Clean?

Those taking it to the laundromat and planning to wash it themselves need to plan their day around this project. This means downloading a few movies or shows on your phone. If not that, then maybe bring a book and a few snacks.

A comforter should be washed at least twice through a normal delicate wash cycle. Sometimes, it needs to be washed one more time to ensure the detergent has been washed out.

Be sure the second or even third time you wash it there’s no more detergent in the machine. The dryer needs to be set on low.

You’ll need to check it periodically to make sure wet spots are exposed to the heat. You’re going to need to fluff the comforter to keep it fluffy. The comforter will have to be dried a few times before it dries. Needless to say, it’ll take hours before you head back home.

The Spot Cleaning Route

Those attempting to wash the comforter because there’s a stain or two are going to have to spot clean it first. You’ll need that spot cleaner mentioned earlier to remove some of these spots.

If the spot is tough to remove, you’ll need to spray the solution and let it sit overnight before you attempt to remove the stain. To remove the stain, pinch the fabric on either side of the spot and rub the fabric together.

Once the stain has been removed, you can place the comforter in the washing machine. Those who can’t place the comforter in a washing machine will have to just run water over the spot to rinse it out.

Rub a rag over the spot to get the spot off and the spot cleaner off. Use warm water instead of cold to rinse; warm water helps loosen up dirt or grime. If for some reason, spot cleaning isn’t producing the results you were hoping for, the next best thing to do is to work with laundry professionals.

Maintenance Tips

You won’t wash your comforter often, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of it between washes. To do this, you just need to run your comforter through the dryer, maybe every three to four weeks.

You’ll want to do this for about an hour. The first 20 minutes should be under high heat; the rest should be under low heat. You’re doing this to kill dust mites and remove any moisture that might have made it into your comforter from the air or your sweat.

Hopefully, this information helps you clean your comforter if you want to do it yourself. If not, you know you don’t have to, and you can trust your laundry experts here in North Fort Myers, Fl.