Clean Linen Power: What Restaurant Owners Need to Know


Pay Attention to Clean Linen

If you are the owner of a restaurant in Southwest Florida, there are a couple of things you need to know. First of all, the business forecast for the next few years looks good as prosperity continues to grow in Cape Coral and around the region. Second, to attract more diners and increase profits, you should be paying close attention to your restaurant linen. North Fort Myers Laundromart can certainly help you with that.

In 2005, a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association indicated that diners tend to respond very positively to clean tablecloths. On a year-over-year basis, restaurant patrons were more likely to return to eateries where they could enjoy the tablecloths, and they generally spent more money at their favorite spots.

Why Clean Linen Rules

White tablecloths of good quality seem to be the most attractive to diners, and there’s a simple reason for this preference. Unconsciously, diners feel as if they are truly appreciated by restaurant owners who greet them with clean linen. The preference for white linen emanates from the knowledge that restaurant owners probably paid a little more for fabric than for plastic tablecloths, and they appreciate that they are having them laundered professionally.

It is interesting to note that although white tablecloths are usually associated with formal settings, they are not the only adequate color. To this effect, it is important to match the menu and the decor with the linen. White is a good choice for just about any restaurant, but it is particularly effective for eateries that serve colorful food due to the contrast. Red is ideal for Chinese restaurants due to that color’s association with luck, and saffron yellow is great for Indian eateries. Earth tones are good for Southwest and Tex-Mex cuisine while tropical colors are better for Latin American and Caribbean fusion menus.

Checkered tablecloths are better for cafes and for American diners. Patterns and prints should be mostly reserved for breakfast; switching to white for lunch and dinner is a detail that will not go unnoticed by diners.

Going Beyond Tablecloths

When it comes to restaurant linen, savvy restaurateurs will not limit themselves to tablecloths. Cloth napkins happen to be very stylish and well-received by diners. Server uniforms are the ultimate nod towards showing appreciation for the finer details. Although the traditional black and white restaurant uniform is still pretty safe for most restaurants, other combinations are accepted.

Restaurant owners who provide uniforms for their servers and for their kitchen staff have the extra reward of employee loyalty, particularly when the employer also takes care of the laundry. Getting a local laundromat to handle the restaurant linen is a wise investment; in this fashion, business owners do not have to worry about a waiter not washing his uniform for days.

Crisp uniforms are often noticed by diners, and when a waiter or waitress explains that their attire is kept clean and crisp by their boss, restaurant owners can expect loyalty from both employees and customers.

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