Choosing the Correct Wash Cycle For Clothes

Choosing the Correct Wash Cycle For Clothes

Being able to maintain the quality of your clothing is the best way to preserve them. Today we’re going to share how to select the correct wash cycle for your clothes.

How to Select the Correct Washer Cycle for Your Clothes

Purchasing clothing is always a fun experience. But there’s nothing worse than finding something that has the perfect fit when you try it on only to find that it doesn’t quite fit the same after your first wash.

This problem can be a nuisance, but it’s one that many people experience. The reason? Choosing the wrong wash cycle.

Thankfully, washing machines have advanced over the years. In fact, we have so many types of wash options available to us due to new technology.

But many people don’t actually know what kind of wash is best for their clothes, leading to a reduction in quality and a lot of frustration. To help you preserve the quality of your clothing, we’re going to show you how to choose the correct wash cycle.

Understanding Load Size

The most basic part of washing to consider is load size. You can have four types of load sizes, including a small load, medium load, large load, and full-capacity load.

Each load size will have a general rule consisting of which wash cycle is best. This information should be included in your washer’s manual. For reference, a small load is considered about one-quarter full. A medium load is about half full. A large load is over half full, and a full-capacity load means that your washer is at capacity.

The Best Water Temperature

The next thing you want to consider is the best water temperature for your clothing. There are various water temperature settings to choose from, and it’s important that you choose the right one for the type of clothes you have.

Water temperature settings include cold, warm, and hot water. We’re going to talk about which water temperature setting is best based on the type of clothing you have.

  • Cold Water: This is best used when you have dark colors and fabrics that are delicate.
  • Warm Water: This is best for synthetic, permanent clothing. Additionally, warm water is good for colored clothing that is soiled with oil or other stains.
  • Hot Water: This temperature is best for white cotton fabrics worn close to the body, such as underwear and socks.

Making a Cycle Selection

The last step is to make a cycle selection. The cycle selection is essential when it comes to keeping your clothes looking as good as new. We’re going to discuss 3 common cycle options.

  • Delicate, Hand wash, or Wool: These settings are extremely similar and are best used for delicate and fragile items. This includes materials such as silk, lace, and lingerie.
  • Rapid or Quick Wash: This cycle selection is best when you need to wash something quickly. It provides a shorter time and cycle for your convenience. With that said, this is not well suited for clothes that are heavily soiled.
  • Normal: This cycle selection is for cotton and blended fabrics that are not heavily soiled.
  • Heavy Duty: This cycle is for sturdier fabrics such as towels and jeans and heavily soiled items.

Maintaining the quality of your clothes is easier than ever with the right wash. Be sure to understand the general settings for each load size, choose the best wash temperature based on your clothes, and understand which wash cycle is best for your needs.