Celebrating the Holidays With Crisp Linen in Florida


Holiday linen is an old tradition, and many households across Florida will celebrate the period between Thanksgiving Day and the early days of January with fancy tablecloths, napkins, and bed sheets.

Deck the Halls

The idea of holiday linen is part of an ancient custom that is mentioned in passing when we sing the “Deck the Halls” carol; the boughs of holly in the lyrics refer to the branches of the Ilex trees, which bear shiny green leaves and bright red berries. The holly tree was considered sacred by the Druids of ancient England, who used the branches in some of their rituals. When the Roman Empire established outposts in Anglia, the tradition carried over until it was eventually incorporated into the Christian season of Advent.

Decking the halls during the holidays means sprucing up the house. In Latin American culture, the Spanish expression “estamos de manteles largos” translates into “we are breaking out the fancy linen” for guests invited over during festive occasions such as the holidays.

Keeping Clean

Displaying fine linen during the holidays usually translates into extra trips to the laundromat; however, the cheerful impression made upon guests and relatives is certainly worth it. Some families who expect overnight guests bring out seasonally themed bed linens adorned with reindeer or holiday ornaments; however, even plain white linen can be injected with the spirit of the holidays with a bit of laundry magic.

There are a couple of rules to follow when displaying holiday linens. First of all, they must be thoroughly clean; second, they must smell nice. Before you set out your tablecloths or make your beds with holiday linens, bring them over to our North Fort Myers Laundromat; you want to start by thoroughly washing them, or have us do it for you with our wash/dry/fold service.

Holiday Scented Softener

You may want to stop by the store beforehand so you can shop for detergent and fabric softener. Choose a detergent that includes baking soda as one of its ingredients; now, to apply the holiday magic, you want to look for a seasonally scented fabric softener. The usual Proctor & Gamble brands such as Surf, Comfort, and Gain come out with their holiday scents starting in early November; the accents of these seasonal fragrances are reminiscent of apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, and pine.

If your local Publix, Walmart or major drugstore does not carry seasonal fabric softener, you can also make you own by visiting your local health food or herbal store and ask for fragrance oils that smell like the holidays. These oils typically mix myrrh with nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices; you want to add a few drops to your liquid fabric softener to infuse the holiday spirit to your linens.

Since we are in the midst of the holiday season, you can safely pour more fabric softener than usual for extra softness and a great aroma that your family and guests will certainly appreciate when they sit at the table or when they snuggle in freshly laundered linen.

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