5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Trusted Laundry Service


If you own a business – anything from a restaurant to a boutique hotel – almost every second of your life is dedicated to making sure that it runs smoothly.

You want your guests to be happy, your team to function properly, your finances to be in order, and to successfully troubleshoot many other issues that arise through your day.

One thing that you shouldn’t be wasting your time thinking about is laundry.

It’s a huge time suck and a waste of energy for you and your staff.

Leave it to the experts and hire a laundry service.

Read on for five reasons to hire laundry professionals. It will make a huge difference and you’ll have more time in the day to do things you really want to do.

1. A Laundry Service Is Cost Effective

Often times hiring a laundry service is the most affordable way to do your business’ laundry.

You’ll avoid purchasing a washer and dryer, which can be very expensive appliances to own and maintain.

When outsourcing your laundry, you’ll also use less water and energy overall. And you won’t have to worry about keeping detergent, bleach, and fabric softener stocked.

And often times, laundromats that offer commercial services will adjust pricing to your budget.

2. Time Saver

Many laundromats offer convenient pickup and drop off services.

All you have to do is have your linens, towels, clothing, etcetera, ready to go for pickup and you’ll have them delivered back to you, clean and fresh.

Every laundry service is a bit different, but you can generally expect a quick turn around time.

You’ll save a lot of time this way – and you won’t even have to leave your place of business!

3. Accessibility

You probably rarely get a day off. When owning and operating a business, you’re pretty much always working, always on.

You can generally expect the same from laundromats. It’s common for them to be open 7 days a week.

You can schedule pick ups and drop offs on the days that are most convenient for you, as laundry services rarely have conservative hours.

4. Volume

Remove the responsibility of handing massive loads of washing.

Whether it’s sheets, linens, or bulky terrycloth robes, you probably need to wash large amounts of laundry.

That can be very time consuming for your staff, especially if you only have one washer and dryer.

Allow a laundry service to take care of the heavy-duty loads. They often times have machines that can wash up 8 loads in one cycle.

5. Professional Appearance

The aesthetic of your business is everything.

If you have a hotel, you want a pristine lobby and immaculate hotel rooms with clean white sheets.

Or, if you own a restaurant, you want the interior to be sleek, tidy, and for your linens to be spotless.

Trusted launderers ensure the return of clean and crisp pieces. You won’t have to worry about pesky spots or stains when professionals are tending to your laundry.

Cleanliness makes a huge difference to guests. Professionally cleaned linens, sheets, napkins, etcetera, show a guest that you invest in their experience and value a tidy environment.

Laundry Service Benefits

Hesitate to no longer and send out your business’ laundry. You won’t regret it and you’ll wonder where you got all of this extra time.

Your staff will thank you and your customers will be very impressed.

Contact us with any questions – we’d love to assist in keeping your business the successful venture that it is!

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