10 Things That Should Not Go In The Clothes Dryer


If you take time to read the care label attached to your garment, you will see instructions on how to properly care for your clothes. Dryers are a lifesaver, without a doubt, but they have limitations. For people who have a busy schedule, getting laundry done quickly is easy when you have a clothes dryer. All you have to do is to stuff your clothes inside a dryer and you are good to go. However, there are instances when dryers are not as friendly as you perceive them to be. There are clothes that just cannot stand the heat coming from the clothes dryer. So before you do laundry, you need to identify the type of garment that should avoid the dryer.

1. Delicate fabrics

Clothes and undergarments made from delicate fabrics like lace, sheer or silk should not go into your clothes dryer. The heat can cause wrinkles which are hard or even impossible to remove. You can also leave a hole or pull when a zipper snags the fabric. Follow proper techniques when washing delicate fabrics.

2. Tennis shoes

Whether your tennis shoes are made out of leather, high-tech performance fabrics or canvas, you should skip the dryer and consider airdrying your footwear instead. The high heat can damage the soles and distort the materials. You can speed up the drying process by stuffing your tennis shoes with crumbled up paper. The pages will absorb moisture and dry the shoes quickly.

3. Bath mats

Rugs and mats are carriers of bacteria. Odor or even athlete’s foot may dwell between the tiny fibers of your mats. This is why they are often washed and disinfected in hot water to get rid of bacteria. A clothes dryer is not the best place for disinfecting your bath mats. You might end up melting the rubber backing.

4. Bras

This type of undergarment uses spandex and other elastic materials. When exposed to high temperatures, you can break down these materials, resulting in ruining the natural shape of bras. Wash them properly and airdry to retain their shape.

5. Sweaters

Sweaters are made from yarns that can shrink or stretch because of heat. Wash them correctly to prevent damaging the natural fiber that the sweaters are created from. Once damage is done to the hand-made fiber sweater, it will be impossible for you to restore its original shape.

6. Swimwear

After wearing, many recommend washing your swimwear to get rid of sand, salt, chlorine, body soil, and sunscreen oils. After washing, never toss your swimwear into the dyer as the heat can distort the fabric.

7. Activewear

Just like your lingerie, activewear also contains high-tech human-made fibers that properly absorb moisture and support your muscles. You can hold their shape and retain their wicking qualities if you avoid placing them in the dryer after washing.

8. Faux leather, suede, and leather

While it is tempting to place your leather jacket in a dryer after a heavy downpour, this misstep can result in cracking or distorting the garment. Leather goods must air dry and stay out of  direct sunlight or heat.

9. Backpacks, lunch bags, and reusable shopping bags

The dirt that clings to these items will surely be enough to consider washing or cleaning them regularly. However, placing them in a clothes dryer can shrink, warp or melt the materials that these bags are made from. Airdry bags to prevent destroying their inner structure.

10. Faux and natural fur

Whether your fur needs immediate cleaning or it got wet due to heavy rain, never allow excessive heat to destroy it. Heat can cause faux fur to fall out and natural fur to crack. Air dry your fur-made garments keep them away from direct sunlight or heat. High-heat can seriously damage the fibers causing them to tangle and melt.

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